NoSqlMigrator tool - feedback and collaboration appreciated!

Hello all,

I’ve been working on a completely unofficial and only supported by myself, independent from Couchbase Inc tool called NoSqlMigrator. It’s inspired by FluentMigrator, but it is completely independent from that project too.

It is a migration framework, similar to Ruby on Rails Migrations or EF code-first migrations. This is an alternative to lots of scripts or manual database structuring that can be committed into source control, run on local databases, test databases, production databases, etc, to keep the team and the database in sync. It is NOT meant to be a data migration tool (e.g. moving data from SQL Server to Couchbase. For that, you can check out my other project, SqlServerToCouchbase)

I wrote this because I know there is some demand for tooling like this in the Couchbase world, and I really enjoyed working with FluentMigrations in my SQL Server days.

This type of migration system is not for everyone, but if this interests you, please check it out. If you see anything lacking at all, or have any suggestions or complaints about it, or find any bugs or missing features, please create a GitHub issue. PRs for anything are welcome.


And just to reiterate, this is NOT supported by Couchbase, Inc at all, and it is NOT a part of the FluentMigrator project. It is only me, and it is a personal project that I’m making public in hopes that it can help someone else :slight_smile:

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Would this be useful for integration tests to build the environment :thinking: