NodeJs N1QL out of memory for the most basic query on a powerful machine

I am running 4.1CE on AWS using the provided AMI and a large instance with 8gb of memory. This is a brand new instance. I allocated 3gb of memory to my bucket and 3gb of memory to my indexing service. My data set is tiny with 2850 docs and I doubt any are larger than 4kb. I upgraded my node library to the latest 2.2.2. When I run my local code against this remote DB I always see this error. When I run against my local database I occasionally see this error.

Could this be a timeout error?

Error: An unknown N1QL error occured. This is usually related to an out-of-memory condition.: db.query -> [{“options”:{“statement”:“CREATE PRIMARY INDEX ON staging_bucket USING GSI;”,“scan_consistency”:“request_plus”},“isAdhoc”:true}]

I was able to ssh into the instance launch cbq and the query worked without issue but most queries I run through node fail like above.

Any Ideas about how to debug?

The default AMI for couchbase does not suggest opening up port 8093. I added port 8093 and it works fine.

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Hi @prasad, how do we address the question of the ports in the default AMI for Couchbase.