N1QL not working on Node js in AWS


We implemented one API in node js and it is working perfect on local and when we come to deploy into the AWS server, we are getting following error.

Error: An unknown N1QL error occured. This is usually related to an out-of-memory condition.

We cross-verified all the ports in AWS security group, all are enabled as like mentioned in couchbase network ports documentation.

So if this issue is not resolved by Couchbase NodeJS SDK team, we will move to use N1QL queries and develop a API in NodeJS instead of Cocuhbase Nodejs SDK.

The same issue was faced so many people for 2 years onwards, But no one answered perfectly. I hope this time people will resolve this issue and upate their SDK.

We haven’t got any help from the team here. The same question we already posted in other thread. please see this link.

Looks like there are recent replies in the other thread. Shall we continue the discussion there?