Node SDK Typings

Hi team, I think it would be a good idea for you to provide typings (TypeScript maybe?) along with the SDK, I’ve found this but it’s outdated:, you could even start from here :wink:

Thank in advance,

Hey @juanmanuel.ventura,

There have been ongoing discussions on a relatively major update to the SDK in support of some coming features. We are hoping to be able to roll many of requests like these into this release.

Cheers, Brett

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I am going to be submitting a PR to DefinitelyTyped shortly to include Cluster#authenticate, PasswordAuthenticator and ClassicAuthenticator. I am relatively new to couchbase and this is something I immediately ran into.

Juan, do you know of other missing/outdated calls? I would be happy to add them to my PR or put them in another.

Hi Chris, nothing else comes to my mind right now, thanks!

Is there a public roadmap for the node SDK? I found this — — but it’s not publicly writable so it’s not possible to submit issues/feature requests.

I have submitted a pull request with DefinitelyTyped for updated TypeScript definitions. If you don’t want to wait, grab the definitions from the last commit and try them out.