Couchbase Data structure not supported with Node Js with Typescript

Referring , couchbase supports data structure but when i tried to find from Bucket class with typescript version (2.4.1) , I am not able to find it. I can see in npm module with couchbase 2.6 which javascript version but i have to do with Typescript.

Kindly provide solution if you have

Thank You

Hi @khandu_salman,

I’m not sure if TypeScript is supported or tested (yet), but maybe you could post some code showing what you’re trying to do and what’s not working?

Is there any plan to support this? I would think most Node.js users are using Typescript.

Per @brett19

2.6 provides it via DefinitelyTyped definitions.

3.0 will support it as of the next release by built in definitions which are automatically generated based on the same inline docblocks that do our documentation.

Any ETA for the next 3.0 release (presume 3.0.6) with built-in type definition?