Node.JS Vs Ruby on Rails

Which is best ? Node.JS vs Ruby on Rails?

Note that I’m primarily a Java dev so this is an external point of view, other with better experience/insight should probably answer here, but: I’d say this is a matter of preference… :grin:

NodeJS is neither a language nor a framework, but rather a platform built to execute Javascript code on the server side.

It has web frameworks of course, a lot of it! So you have to find the one you want to use, start learning it, etc… Comparing frameworks and distinguishing which ones will have the best community support, the longest lifetime and shortest learning curve can be tricky… With node you’ll start this journey from scratch (but it’ll be a flexible journey).

Also Javascript may be easy to learn at first (arguably) but has a lot of quirks and surprises. It is on the weaker side of the “strongly typed vs weakly typed” curve, so you can easily make mistakes without the compiler explicitly showing you where you did.

Ruby is a dynamic language that is considered elegant and very productive by its user base. It has a stronger type system and therefore may be more adapted to you, depending on your taste.

Ruby on Rails is the de-facto standard web framework there AFAIK, so the community is large and there’s less dispersion into hundreds of framework. The framework is opinionated, meaning it assumes you’ll build things “the Rails way”, but that can guide you and gives you great speed of development.

As I said, matter of level and preference, I’ll let Node and Ruby devs chime in :wink:

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Ruby programming language is more expressive that javascript, so it is very easy to express logic of your business domain in ruby. The resulting classes tend to be clear and form readable DSL, but in my opinion rails fits better monolith application types, and it will be harder to implement service (or micro-service) oriented application in rails.

So everything depends on type of your application, if you see it like business application with big state machines and complex logic, I would recommend rails. But if you need to build a network of isolated services with simple APIs and small responsibility, I would recommend node.js, java or golang, because all of them has pretty good built-in concurrency and network support.

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Thanks for you answer my question. Now i have analyzed about both node.js vs ruby on rails and write content to my personal blog. Thanks for your support.

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Node.JS is the choice of amazon web services NYC, this is the very important factor of development world majority developers are using Node,JS technology so my vote is for Node.JS

I can’t think of anything worse than Node.js.

Dependency hell.

Ruby on Rails pros

  • It is a quite flexible framework
  • Can be easily ported to any platform by means of database migrations
  • Rails allows expressing the logic of an app in an intuitive way

Ruby on Rails cons

  • Can be tricky when it comes to big projects
  • Requires more processing power
  • It is slow if compared to other popular technologies
  • It has big stack frames that make debugging harder

Node.js pros

  • Node.js has powerful basic libraries such as libuv
  • It is demanded on the IT market
  • The same language is used on both client and server side
  • Easy monitoring and support
  • Provides faster page loading within a website

Node.js cons

  • Unstable API
  • Lack of developers on the market since it is relatively new