Future of Ruby SDK?

I wonder if the Ruby SDK has any future. Beta of version 2.0 was announced almost 1 year ago, also there’s no mention of it in the recent Couchbase 4.0 SDK docs: http://developer.couchbase.com/documentation/server/4.0/sdks/intro.html

Did you abandon Ruby support? That would be really regrettable, especially since you are supporting every other major language. Why is it that Ruby is not getting a similar focus?

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We haven’t abandoned Ruby support @gottlike. The lack of it in the intro is something we should address.

We put the 2.0 beta out hoping to get some feedback, but we didn’t have much feedback or many downloads. We’ve had it in a bit of a holding pattern since the 1.x downloads and interest have been higher. Thanks for letting us know you’re interested in seeing 2.0 through to GA.

Thanks for the reply, good to know. I hope it will reach GA soon and be included in the doc again.

Yes, @ingenthr is correct, we have plans to continue improving the ruby client, but without concrete date.

@avsej But isn’t the Ruby 2.0 preview only for jRuby? Or is there a separate RubySDK beta I don’t know about?

It is for JRuby only, yes. We did that initially as a quick prototype to get feedback. We’ve not had much feedback, but if you have any, it’d be great to hear.

You likely do not have much feedback because most people do not use JRuby. I have no use for it on the web, and I would imagine most Ruby web developers stick with the traditional Ruby MRI.

Thanks for letting us know. We actually did have quite a few requests for JRuby before and the initial DevPreview was quick to do on JRuby to get a sense of the API.

Were you looking for more of a 2.0 SDK API (i.e., things like upsert() instead of set()) or is it the new N1QL features you were looking for in a newer Ruby SDK?

You haven’t abandoned it but you haven’t put anything out for the MRI engine in over 2 years. I really do not know anyone who uses JRuby and I am involved in a few Ruby groups. This is really making me reconsider our choice to use couchbase on our platform. Not updating the sdk in over 2 years is abandoning in my book. These times we live in move fast and if you are not moving forward, it sure feels like you are abandoned cause catching up is no fun.

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I should say I am sold on couchbase, the direction, the release pattern your vision of the server, everything. Everything except your support for Ruby. Using a gem built for 1.x is not good when you have a community release of 4.0.

It is a real shame we couldn’t come together on this

That’s odd. I can’t think of any reason to use Jruby for web programming vs traditional Ruby.

I want the Ruby SDK to be on par with the PHP SDK and not treated like a second rate citizen. Ruby is a fairly popular language for web programming.

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Is there any update on Ruby SDK to support Couchbase 4.5?
Actually without partial update, the overhead of database access is too high for production. I have used Couchbase with Ruby on Rails for two years and we are considering to move to mongoDB, as there is simply no active development on Ruby SDK.


Same for me… unfortunately I had to abandon Couchbase for it’s lack of proper Ruby support. Even though the DB is a perfect fit for most of my use cases… sad.

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Oh my… Until now I’ve never doubted my choice of our user profile database, which is Couchbase. I have posted a open case of a segmentation fault issue with Couchbase 1.3.14 gem but no one seems to care. I guess I should start to look for alternatives to migrate. :frowning:

it’s the first time I learn about a NoSQL database and I chose Couchbase because I like the features it presents, but since I’m a RoR developer, I feel sad to see no support for the ruby sdk. RoR is more present in the web than Python and Go, but you threat it like a second degree citizen, which really sad thing. I am really questioning my choice because of this.

Throwing in our two cents here as well. We’ve been using the Ruby SDK pretty actively for a couple years now, and in production. There are some very nice elements to Couchbase, and it would be great to see both the straight SDK and the model classes continue to grow and development. Count us as a vote for an actively maintained Ruby SDK with or without Rails.

FYI: Since Couchbase apparently doesn’t want to support Ruby, someone stepped up and made a modern Ruby client himself: https://github.com/cotag/libcouchbase

All people depending on Ruby should have a look!