No data in sample buckets after install on Ubuntu

After installing Couchbase-server version 4.0 ( and setting up ( I dont see any documents in the sample buckets (beer-sample, travel-sample).

No record appeared in the error.log.

Hi Gobi, On what platform did you install Linux or MAC? It does usually takes few minutes to load the sample data and you’re saying that didn’t happen? Did you have prior Couchbase Server installed on this machine? Let us know I will be able to help you troubleshoot the issue. Thanks! Anil Kumar

Hi Anil,

thank you for reply. I m newbie with the Couchbase.

On Linux - Ubuntu. Yes, I had Couchbase Server version 3.0.3 installed prior this 4.0 installation. On one VM server I tried to upgrade the CS and on second VM server remove(dpkg --remove + rm /opt/couchbase) / install the CS.

Both finished successfully but no documents in sample schemas in both cases. I m going to try RetHat distribution directly with the CS 4.0.


Hi Gobi, Since this is developer preview I would recommend fresh installation verses upgrade. In any case can you do the following steps on those upgraded VM’s and let us know what you find -

  • Delete the sample buckets either on Couchbase Web Console and bucket settings or using the CLI command (couchbase-cli bucket-delete -c ip_address:8091 -u Administrator -p password --bucket=test_bucket)
  • Install the sample buckets again on Couchbase Web Console and select Settings > Sample Buckets
  • Once the sample bucket is loaded check to see the documents created

Lets us know. Thank you