NiFi processor cant open bucket

I have a flow set up in NiFi pulling from a message bus to a couchbase bucket, the messages are pulled from the bus and sitting in queue but keep getting an error when NiFi tries to write to the bucket. It says it failed due unable to open bucket. I have verified config with a working flow and cant find any issues. The only difference I see is on the one that works we have Couchbase Community Edition and on the one I cant get to write we have the Enterprise Edition.

@odonnry Can you please give details on SDK you are using along with version, what is the Couchbase Server version for community edition and Enterprise edition? What kind of errors you are getting? There are not enough details here for us to proceed. Did you enable client side logging to see if the errors you get help?

@raju. Figured it out, when Couchbase uses routable DNS names rather than the IPs to identify the nodes, NiFi would could not reach the bucket. When we switched to the IPs it worked.