[NFR] Decent forum

Probably worth switching back to the old standard forum design.

This guestbook style thing might give the impression of more activity but it doesn’t help finding threads/answers and it doesn’t foster much engagement from users as it forces them to read past irrelevant/uninteresting threads from the top down.

Using this Q&A “community” combined with the mountains of unanswered questions leaves me thinking that there really isn’t any community and the devs aren’t terribly interested in this software.


sorry you feel that way. We agree with you and are in the process of redesigning this website. Not sure what the replacement will be. If you have any thought on what it could be, please shoot.


Maybe you can keep this guestbook style thing to show community flow on the mainpage, but just having it be a mirror of content from another forum system.

I agree with you 100%. We are in the middle of setting up new forum software right now, which should be rolled out very soon. This should make it a lot more pleasant to read and answer questions, which should in turn make answers more forthcoming.


And now the migration is done @Mr_Yellow. We hope you like the new forum, powered by Discourse now! Please provide any thoughts you have to the Meta category!