Invalid Callback / Segmentation Fault

I am getting a some weird errors with the example from the beer sample as well as my own buckets.

PHP Warning:  Invalid callback 6953512632594, no array or string given in CouchbaseNative on line 1121
child pid 3957 exit signal Segmentation fault (11)

My environment is as follows

Couchbase SDK 2.0
PHP 5.3
Centos 6
Apache Webserver

My Code below

$cluster = new CouchbaseCluster("");
$bucket = $cluster->openBucket('beer-sample');

$result = $bucket->get('aass_brewery-juleol');

$doc = $result->value;

echo $doc->name . ', ABV: ' . $doc->abv . "\n";

Hey fnsnoop,

This is a known issue and we are currently investigating, I will let you know as soon as we have something!
You can track progress here:

Cheers, Brett

Thank you for the reply, I have since blew away the VM and started fresh with everything. I have not had any segmentation faults yet.

I’ve installed the SDK 2.0.1 on my dev server (mac os) and production server (ubuntu). They both are having this issue. It happens randomly in about 20% of times on dev and 70% of times on production, which is just unacceptable. Is there a workaround for this issue?

Hey imasl,

The fix should be available through 2.0.2, which is expected to be released on Dec 2nd.

Cheers, Brett

Thanks for the answer. Looking forward to having the bugfix.

Hey Brett. Any news on upcoming update? We can’t go live without it.

Hey imasl,

The builds were successful last night, doing some final testing and I’ll be doing the release! Should be later today.

Cheers, Brett

Have just installed it and the bug seems to be gone. Awesome! Thank you a lot.

UPD: downloaded the source from github (the forum engine doesn’t allow me to post another reply)

Hey imasl,

That is amazing to hear! Where did you grab the build from?

Cheers, Brett