New object notification not generated when using CBLIncrementalStore

I filed this issue on GitHub too. (#576)

On 2 devices, I’m running the Recipe example that uses CBLIncrementalStore. When I edit an item on one device, the change is propagated to the other device. That’s great. However, when I create a new Recipe on one device, the behavior isn’t perfect. The addition does indeed sync to the other device, but the NSManagedObjectContext is never notified of the addition, so the new item does not appear in the table on the 2nd device. Even performing the fetch again and reloading the table data is not enough to cause the new item to show up. If I restart the app, it will then appear.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Hello @CapoChino,

Are you still experiencing this issue or have resolved it? If so, may you share your results with the group.