.net SDK - Error during load testing: Failed to acquire a pooled client connection

I am intermittenly getting the following error during my perf load tests with the .net CB SDK:
“Failed to acquire a pooled client connection on xxx after 5 tries.”
Can anyone provide some basic things for me to check to resolve these issues? Timeout configurations, anything else in the config that could help with this?

I am having the same error using .NET SDK 2.2.2 with Couchbase 4.0. Were you able to find any resolution? If so, I would appreciate knowing what you did.

Thank you.

I changed the values in my web.config for the pooled connections to maxSize=“20” minSize=“10”. This seemed to have helped, but I’m not sure if it was the silver bullet. I was running some pretty heavy perf testing when I ran into this issue.