.NET SDK - Dependency Injection Library Support

Hello all.

I was wondering what the support was of the Couchbase extensions libraries, specifically:

  • Couchbase.Extensions.DependenyInjection
  • Couchbase.Extensions.Locks
  • Couchbase.Extensions.Cache
  • Couchbase.Extensions.Session

I know the DI library was added to the official .NET SDK GitHub repository, but when I pull the 3.1.3 package from NuGet I don’t seem to see it there. Is that still a separate package? It sounded like this would be versioned alongside the official SDK, but that package hasn’t been updated in 6 months. This seems to be the recommendation from Couchbase documentation to use the DI pattern to configure Couchbase. I am having an issue referenced in a separate thread regarding using the DI library: Dependency Injection related exceptions at IIS app pool startup - #16 by zakarias68

Also, for the other extension libraries, will updates be made to those as well? I know they are not officially supported by Couchbase, but actively maintained. We leverage these and have needed to update the cache library with a bugfix based on the new way errors from the SDK are handled. Having a new version of this in NuGet would be tremendously helpful.

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@zakarias68 -

Couchbase.Extensions.DependenyInjection is a supported extension; it is a separate package from the sdk: NuGet Gallery | Couchbase.Extensions.DependencyInjection The versioning is off because it hasn’t changed recently - we’d like to eventually get to the point where we version together, but it may always be different for various reasons.

Yes, these are actively maintained, but not officially supported. They are considered community projects and rely on contributions from the community (not exclusively of course, its just prioritized differently internally). We do plan on releasing refreshed NuGet packages based on the SDK3 library. If you have a bug fix or something to report, please push a PR or file a Github issue and it will be addressed when there is time.