Need to know about performance mysql vs Cocuhbase

I have three table in mysql

If I get data of all user by

Select User.column1,User.column2,Campaign.column1 ,Campaign.column2 ,
DailyUSes.* from User Join Campaign join CamapaignDailyUSes

it will give result in few secounds may be.

But in Couchbase N1ql it will take more then 1 minute

what should Do fot it ?? even create some proper index.

How can i structure my Couchbase data ??

@krishn can you share the plan (EXPLAIN SELECT …) as well as the index definition you are using?


Please increase your batch-size. See: N1QL 200x slower than views for simple queries

Also, try with our 4.6 DP, which has performance improvements specifically for JOINS.