N1QL Performance


I install two test servers with couchbase 3.0 and couchbase-query in a cluster.
Now i import 100.000 items.

I am start a query and stop the execution time - 8-10 seconds.

Can i optimize the query is not very fast…

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First, performance is certainly not part of the preview of the technology. We are working on a new indexing strategy that will help with performance but that is in the works. so you will be able to tune the query in future.

Hi Tino,

Are you using an index?

Use EXPLAIN to make sure, or post the results of EXPLAIN here.

And as Cihan said, this is a preview release.


How i can create a index? i have found to create a view but no index.
I know it is a preview but i can not found a timeline for a release canidate.

At the moment i try a alternative with elasticsearch.

I have found the way to create a index. Now it is faster!
CREATE INDEX default ON default(EmailAddress)

I am facing a similar performance issue with the CouchBase 3.0 and N1QL.

I used the beer-sample database which contains 7000 records. I created an index on the beer-sample database using N1QL.


I tried querying the records from the CouchBase using the simple N1QL query -

SELECT * FROM beer-sample

But it took 4 seconds to fetch the 7000 records.

When I tried to retrieve the same 7000 records by creating a View on the beer-sample bucket, it came lightning fast in 500ms.

I don’t understnad what is causing this difference. Is it because N1QL is not yet optimized or I am doing something wrong?


Hi Kris,

Is your view emitting the entire document? Are you making both calls using the REST APIs, or via a client SDK?

FYI, we will be releasing N1QL DP4 in a couple of weeks. I performed the same test using N1QL DP4 and the cbq command-line shell, all running on my laptop; it takes about 1 second.


Thanks for the quick reply. I performed the same test using N1QL DP3 and the cbq command-line shell using .NET SDK, all running on my laptop. I allocated 2GB of RAM for the beer-sample bucket.

Ok. Please let us know what performance you see in DP4, and how it compares to views that return equivalent results. Thanks.

Thanks. Waiting for DP4 to arrive.

Arrived: http://blog.couchbase.com/n1ql-dp4-is-here