N1QL Support in-client

Looks like a lot of the new N1QL management functionality is flagged as InterfaceStability.Experimental. I’m very excited about this since I am currently leveraging the RestAPI directly for a lot of this functionality. Any ETA on when it’ll be finalized?

Additionally, I love deferred build indexes (buildN1qlDeferredIndexes); I leverage them specifically, however, and the Java API only does them all. Can we get optional parameters for bucket and specific indexes? Maybe this plays into the InterfaceStability.Experimental.

This is fantastic stuff. Thanks!


Usually, pre-GA functionality is flagged Experimental until the server and the corresponding SDK goes GA.

@ingenthr, @tyler.mitchell, any comments?

@unhuman thanks for that post, great to see you do like these APIs.

We are planning to stabilize them with the next “minor releases” and they are planned to correlate with the GA release of Couchbase Server 5.0, so in fall.

The good news is though that I don’t see the need to change them right now in Java, so you should be good with what you have and there is a path to stabilization sooner than later down the road :slight_smile: