Couchbase commitment to N1QL

I am somewhat confused about Couchbase’s commitment to N1QL - even though it has just been announced. Some of what I’ve read by Couchbase essentially says that its eventual capabilities may be more or less than what is available now and the date for a supported 1.0 release is unknown. Can someone provide more details? While N1QL is exciting and seems to work well from my own tests, it’s difficult to commit to more completely without additional information. Thanks!


We at Couchbase are very committed to N1QL. The dev previews are a way for us to get user feedback on the language itself, the syntax and the semantics and so far the feedback has been great. But its something else to run any query language in production. We need to beef up the backend for it to work well at scale and perform well at scale.

We will continue pushing out dev previews for the next few months, we just pushed out DP2 today. Beta will follow once we have integrated it into Couchbase Server itself and with a choice of backend data access options. GA will follow after that.
We will support what we have speced out in GA. GA time frame is tough to estimate at this point but will likely be some time in the second half of next year.

Thanks so much for all the additional details on this - it helps a lot especially the currently anticipated release date in the latter half of 2014. All very good to know to help planning! Thanks again!

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