N1QL on windows


I’m trying out N1QL on windows using the beer-sample with couchbase 4.
I’m running cbq-engine -datastore http://{username}:{password}@localhost:8091
for the time being with basic authentication, then I run cbq -engine=http:localhost:8093
I try the create primary index on 'beer-sample'; and get error code 12005, Indexer not implemented GSI may not be enabled.

I’m not sure this is still the correct way to use N1QL as the few documents I can find don’t mention using cbq-engine anymore as this seemed like a pre 4 release thing but without running it cbq can’t connect to anything.

Also will I always be having to manually run cbq-engine to run any N1QL query? as that seems very poor to me, I would have thought it would be rolled into the CouchbaseServer (windows service).


Ok turns out this must have been a upgrade issue, uninstalled and reinstalled and all working without the need for cbq-engine