How to open cbq-engine for N1QL?


We are using Couchbase server 2.5 and couchbase .NET sdk 2.0.
We are working with N1QL on couchbase server through our .NET SDK.
It is working fine but however for N1QL queries from SDK, Cbq-engine must be hosted via command prompt.
(We are using following command to start Cbq-engine:
cbq-engine -couchbase http://localhost:8091/)

And when we close command prompt we are unable to fire N1QL queries.
Is there any way to host Cbq-engine for N1QL in background ?
Or we are making some mistake in understanding …

Hi jatin -

Currently N1QL is in developer preview 3 and isn’t completed integrated into Couchbase Server, thus the command prompt must remain open to run queries against CB. This will change in the future as N1QL goes through beta and eventually GA.


Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the info.