N1QL for production

Hi, all

I found that the tutorial for NIQL in some sections are described with experimental like INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE.

Does these function are suitable for production? For example, the user management database which may consist of many user information as shown below

Field: ID, Name, Gender, Department, Permission, Phone, Address… etc.

I wander know does there have any issues if I want to insert a new user with some fields or update some fields in specific user?

If it does have some issues, how to avoid them or does there have another way to handle with that problem(ex. redesign the document?).

Very appreciate your help

Hi @agau9527

Couchbase 4 is currently in beta and we therefore don’t recommend you go in production with CB4. There are still missing features or uncompleted features that need to be finalised and tested before CB 4 will be released.

The implementation of some features in N1QL are likevise experimental, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE are some of them.

As a general advice for manipulating data with N1QL, try to update only 1 document at a time.
For instance it’s possible to update more than 1 document in a N1QL update query, but we don’t support transaction, this could potentially mean that 1 or more documents could end in a non intended state if the update is not completed for all the involved documents.

I hope this helps

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