Multi document transactions (MongoDB comparsion)

As you might already know, MongoDB 4.0 is going to support multi document transactions out of the box. Are you planning to do the same?

The promise of NoSQL is speed; but like a car without brakes, not very safe unless it allows multi-document transactions.

if you want to be taken seriously as a database, you need to support multiple statement transactions.

Did they show what they mean when they say “multi document transactions”? All I saw so far is some snippets using client SDK ( This kind of transactions could be implemented pretty easily without server support on the client side even for “dumb” storages like redis or memcache.

@konrad321, could you give link to more technical description or share build which does have this support? So far it is only marketing, so it is not correct to asking about doing the same. Same promo for the releases which are going to be published in months from now? When Couchbase announces new features, it releases preview versions of the products, not just marketing blog post.


Yes I’m aware that’s only marketing. They didn’t give any technical explanation on how they’re going to do this. They have some kind of beta though, I don’t know if it’s open sourced for now.

It would be nice to see built-in support for this without implementing it yourself tho

You can always submit your patches to our repositories, and after review they will become available for all users out of the box.

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Perhaps some of the existing ways of implementing ACID on NoSQL DBs could be turned into a middle layer.


Not sure how much benefit is gained by Mongo supporting ACID explicitly, other than the obvious ease of use, which could be provided by an additional middle layer -but perhaps there are some optimisations under the hood. However, I haven’t seen any benchmarks yet.