Multi bucket searches on Couchbase FTS

Hello …
I have multiple bucket …
Bucket 1: holds the things user has added, which contains userids and ids to the content in another bucket.
Bucket 2: hold the content and some metadata

I want to search for a user id from Bucket 1 which gives a list of ids to another bucket and using those ids search other bucket and retrieve metadata … This is all done using couchbase FTS …

I couldnt find a proper resource to do that.


JOIN operations aren’t supported in FTS and from the requirements, this looks more like a N1QL/GSI use case.

You can also explore combining N1QL (JOIN) and FTS using techniques mentioned here - N1QL & SEARCH: Leverage Full-Text Search (FTS) Index in N1QL

In pure FTS, this would be two separate queries across two indexes sequencially.