FTS - How to join search result from 2 types

I am doing a FTS using go SDK 1.67 within the same bucket but need return search result based on join conditions of two types.

Say I have a title bucket, a person and company types.
person type has a companyId field which references id field in company type.

My search index contains fields from both person (name, companyId) and company(name,id)

I would like to search for a person by company name they may belong to, my existing returns company type instead of person.

Just to add some context. I am currently using

gocb.NewSearchQuery(cbft.NewConjunctionQuery(queries...) where queries is an array of cbft.FtsQuery of NewPrefixQuery, NewMatchQuery etc

Thanks in advance.

Some links relevant to my issue are:
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Full text search and JOIN ( I created an alias but this does not seem to do any type of join)

I don’t think this is an FTS usecase.

This is more of a SQL usecase - so you can use a WHERE clause.

I’d recommend using a GSI index and doing these kind of queries via N1QL.

Thank you very much for your response. @abhinav . I have been doing a lot of research to decide on the most elegant way to approach this problem. I am aware I could use CURL, SEARCH and traditional N1QL that uses a GSI but needed to be sure this wasn’t possible using FTS.

Thanks again, will share this with my team.