Mobile, Android sdk 1.10 to 1.4.0 migration. Can not resolve method beginTransaction()

I’m realy have poor knowledge in java but still tasked to upgrade same exiting android application. The application i’m working on has some problems with android 7.0 and higher versions. I tracked down the problem and leaded me to couchbase lite sdk. I did upgrade sdk to lastestes version 1.4.0 but Database.beginTransaction(), and Database.endTransaction() methods no logger exist. I coud’t find a migration guide beteewen versions nor a simlar question on net. I can’t figure out how to fix fallowing code.

 Map<String, Object> updatedProperties = new HashMap<String, Object>();
 updatedProperties.put("TaskObject", object);
 Log.e("Database", "Document updated");

Thanking in advance for any help

Hi @Hedecan,

Instead of Database.beginTransaction()/endTransaction(), Please use Database.runInTransaction() method.