Is TouchDB for Android compatible with CouchbaseLite?

Iam a newbie to CouchBase/TouchDB.
We are planning to use CouhbaseLite for our Android client with Couchbase server.
Since CouchbaseLite is in beta and i could not find any product using it, is it a good idea to use TouchDB for Android now and then migrate to Couchbaselite later? Is TouchDB more stable compared to CouchbaseLite? Can I consider this as a viable option for now?

Thanks in Advance

The main issue I see is that TouchDB does not have the sync piece that you would need for working with Couchbase Server. I would suggest using Couchbase Lite first instead of migrating over. We are looking to release an upcoming Beta 2 release for Couchbase Lite with a full set of our Native Java APIs, and a general release in early next year around February. As for stability, the beta release(s) have already been used by a few folks in deployment and while stable, the main issue we are seeing is performance which we are readily working on for our general release.

Since TouchDB for Android is no longer being supported, you are better off using CouchbaseLite. With TouchDB the only native java API was via Ektorp/REST, whereas with more recent version of CouchbaseLite there is a native java API available, which is much easier to use.

The “best” thing to use in terms of support is to use the unstable version of CouchbaseLite on the github master branch:

The next best thing to use is the upcoming stable snapshot release of CouchbaseLite (later this week or early next week).

PS: sorry for the delay, I was only recently notified about this post.