Missing PECL builds

Automatic builds for the latest http://windows.php.net/downloads/pecl/releases/couchbase/2.3.1/ are missing.

Probably build broke on windows at some time. I can see that the official GIT repo does not have an Appveyor for automated testing…

It would be great if windows builds could be fixed, and Appveyor integration enabled.

Official builds are hosted at our site

The pecl builders are not maintained by couchbase. They check dependencies occasionally, but the Archives on couchbase.com site is the place where supported binaries hosted.

Also we cannot control Appveyor. We use Jenkins to run tests and produce builds.

Last successful builds of master branch accessible from this link

I’ve reached PECL guys, the build will be published there soon (although it differs from official, e.g. it does not have igbinary support compiled).

Also I’ve added CI badge to readme on github.

Great! I see you are building this on Linux/Windows already. Thanks. PECL builds are already available.