How old apps migrate to couchbase mobile

I agree thats its an awesome solution. But the main issue I have found is how to migrate.
Current apps make service call to bring data. This data resides in SQL Server. To migrate that data we need to go through sync gateway only. So that the data syncs to mobiles.

Is there a tool available which can pick JSON and push them to sync gateway. We also need to push lot of media. So that some of the apps which we want to migrate can get data from CBL.

Without migrating data it becomes a blocker. I understand that Rest API can be used. Is it just me who is facing this situation or others too have faced it and a built in tool is available.

Importing data into Sync Gateway usually needs to be customized based on how you’re storing the data already, so there’s no canned solution for it. It’s quite easy to do, though, since adding a JSON document just means making an HTTP PUT.