Migrate SDK2 to SDK3 with rxjava 1

Hi. We are using the reactive API of CB client 2.7.18 which uses rxjava 1.3.8. Now we are upgrading to CB client 3.x which no longer uses rxjava.
I see there are 2 options in the new SDK:

  1. Use the Reactive API which returns reactor Mono
  2. Use the Async API which returns CompletableFuture

So our reactive usage is definitely broken.

In order to keep to code intact as much as possible, we started using the new Async API and create Observable from CompletableFuture, with Observable.from(future).
Is that legitimate and won’t affect the performances?
I see in the migration guide it is preferred to use the Reactive API and convert from reactor to rxjava. The this is, I’m not able to find a convertor for rxjava 1 with current reactor version in SDK 3.

@gilh the other option if you want to stick with rxjava is to use a newer rxjava version yourself and connect it through reactive-stream compatible APIs that we expose via Reactor as well.