Memory Requirement When Installing - Exceeding the Limit?

When installing Couchbase it was shown through the interface that I needed to make some kind of memory allocation to Couchbase. I assume this was RAM. It suggested ~ 18 GB if I remember correctly. My question is… what happens when this limit/allocation is exceeded? Couchbase is not holding all your documents in RAM correct?

I just did some testing on Redis the other day and when you exceed the RAM on the machine it fails on you.

So I’m looking for another technology to stick 118 billion JSON records. Approx 90GB of data. Can I do this on a 32 GB RAM machine? It wasn’t very clear during the install what this memory is being used for ? and what happens if you exceed it ?


@Matthew_Lefevre Both documents and indexes can exceed the memory size. These documentation entries might help get you started with the concepts for document memory vs disk: