Losing data after migration

I have encountered a strange problem and since I’m a newbie, I could not my way through it.
I have installed Couchbase server enterprise edition on my personnel computer by mistake(version 4.5.0). Then I have downloaded community version(version 4.1.0). I had data on the first installation and wanted to transfer it to newly installed cummunity version.
Everything seems normal with the migration and when I opened Data Buckets tab in the admin panel I can see Documents listed, the summary of the content is there:

but when I click on the document itself to see the full content, it gives the following error:
Error: notfound (Document does not exist)
Is it all because of version - edition difference? or any other causes?

Hi dogugunozkaya

Are you able to access the documents over the rest api or over and sdk?

Unfortunately, they return null.

So I think these docs are gone…
Next time you should use the backup and restore procedure to downgrade

Thanks mathias, I’ll keep that in mind. Yet I’m writing my own script for exporting and importing back, just to make it more consistent :slight_smile: