Loading a JSON file with 1000 documents into a new Database

I have JSON data I have uploaded into CouchDB and I want to try out Couchbase.
It is ± 1000 JSON documents which I loaded into CouchDB with curl.
Is there an easy command line process I can do the same with CouchBase?
(I see there is a lot to learn as far as Couchbase is concerned anyway.)
I have found some options in your Blog and elsewhere, including: “Converting CSV data to JSON and Bulk Loading Documents into Couchbase” This uses Ruby but after many tries and gem loading there is still a problem.(require.rb:54:in `require’: cannot load such file – yaji/2.2/parser_ext (LoadError)) I found another python script which split the input file into single document files, but could not get that to work either. I can learn basic things but advanced things are too much.
Thanks for the help.
Edit: By the way I am on Windows 10.

pls try cbdocloader http://developer.couchbase.com/documentation/server/current/cli/cbdocloader-tool.html

Hi I have the same question… we are using CB 5.0.1 CE on linux, is there any way with CURL to load data? or do we need to absolutely need to use cbdocloader, cbimport, or another language, e.g., Ruby?

Thanks so much for your help!