Listener for events occurred on Bucket for Document Create, Update and Delete

We want to use Couchbase bucket to store document for event notification from Java application. How can we set listener to a Data Bucket so that application get notified about the Document that is created, updated or deleted in Bucket.

At low level you would need to use something like DCP. Our SDK team is currently thinking about a higher level API, easier to use, that would let you do that. Can you please tell us more about your use case? @tgreenstein will also be interested.

We have several use case in our application where we are leveraging our current cache framework event listeners to achieve functionalities for long polling from client is chat functionality and on screen notifications where we do not store data into relational database rather keep it in memory cache. We wanted to see if we can rewrite our code with minimum change and replace our current cache framework with Couchbase nosql in multi data center environment and go away from traditional RMI way of cache replication between our servers. If you could provide us on the probable timelines SDK team is looking at for release of event listening sort of API on Couchbase then it would help us to decide which way to go.

Hi ldoguin,
Does your SDK provide high level dataevent listener support now?

Hi subir.kuila,
Did you find your solution ?

Any news on that?
Thank you.