Feature for events in couchbase?

I am looking for a feature where I can listen to events on the bucket possibly document added/ document changed kind of events. Has anyone been able to do this using couchbase

You can use tap streams in order to get notifications on all key value changes. The Java SDK has a tap implementation that you can look at. Please take a look at the tap client and let me know if you have any implementation questions.

Also in the future we want to add server side hooks that will be called each time a specific scenario takes place.

Is the tap implementation available in C SDK? I can’t seem to find one.


The TAP protocol is not available in the C/C++ library.

Depending of the type of information you need you can use the REST API of the XDCR to receive all changes from Couchbase (after they have been saved on disk)

You can look at this implementation in C# : (not the same but will give you an idea)

Node: This is what we us to push document to Elasticsearch too.


I am a newbie.
Please could you share sample java code to get notifications on all key value changes.