Large difference in delays between syncgateway+couchbaseserver and syncgateway+walrus

I’m experimenting with couch mobile syncing between devices via sync gateway. And I noticed that the delay in delivering documents’ changes via synch gateway working with walrus is almost instant. It’s a matter of milliseconds. But in case I run configuration backed up by couchebase server it takes “ages” to deliver simple changes in documents. By “ages” I mean up 1-2 seconds.
I must add that the couchbase server is empty and does nothing else. In addition I’m talking about single measuring delay in propagation changes between devices for just one document.

Any idea how to boost that environment or what causes the delays? In production I can’t work with walrus. But the delays for the highly interactive applications are not acceptable.

Hello @Luman75,

Which platform are you experiencing this on and what are your document(s) size that you are syncing to and from?

What type of data is being generated from the interactive?

My client is working on Android Nexus 5.x.
Documents are very small, pure JSONs smaller then 200 bytes each.