Couchbase 2.0.1 and Java 1.1.7 rangeStart Bug?

Couchbase Enterprise / Community 2.0.1
Java SDK 1.1.5 / 1.1.7

There seems to be a problem setting rangeStart, rangeEnd using ComplexKey or JSON string directly.

Here is the output from ComplexKey.of(startKey)


Here is the debug output from the query object, when only rangeStart is set:


The view returns nothing. However, the following works fine in Chrome.


As Chrome loads the results, it changes %22 to a double quote, ", and show the double quote on the URL bar.

The view does return results if the start key is not set. If the start key is set, nothing is returned.

Anyone encountered issue?


As it turned out, my test case just needed to pause a bit to give Couchbase sufficient time to process the newly inserted records for the view.


This is a common behavior due to the fact that document are “eventually indexed”, this is documented here: