Item value size in memcached bucket?

I am using Couchbase server 3.0.1.
I am able to store binary data more than 1Mb against each key. But the documentation says the max item size would be 1Mb.

Whether my understanding is wrong? Please clarify


Could you point us at the doc that is declaring the 1MB. The value size limit is at 20MB.

Under memcached bucket column


The 20MByte is for “couchbase” buckets @cihangirb. The memcached buckets do in fact have a 1MByte size limit, just like memcached from

Can you use “couchbase” buckets @Dinesh ?

That is correct. missed the bucket type. thanks

Sure @ingenthr. Even memcached bucket allows to store more than 1Mb.It seems, the data is compressed and stored. Please correct if i am wrong.


The memcached server itself doesn’t allow items over 1MByte by default, but it is true that some memcached clients will compress items by default. It’s also possible to change the settings to memcached to allow storing larger sizes.

Note that many Couchbase clients will also compress, but we also raised the item size to 20MByte with Couchbase buckets.

Has this changed in 4.0? I find no mention of the 1MB limit in the manual, and this is a pretty important detail.

AFIAK nothing has changed in 4.0. It’s been 20MB for Couchbase buckets and 1MB for memcache buckets since pretty much forever…