Configure max size of memcached item

Hi Couchbase,

How can I configure the max size of memcached items. I don’t want to introduce to new codes to system, and our items are reasonable and suitable for memcached than couchbase type.

The maximum item size is fixed at 1MB for memcache buckets, and 20MB for Couchbase buckets.

Thank to drigby,
I knew the limit size of Memcached and Couchbase items, but if I use couchbase I can’t reuse code for memcached, and I think our items which are suitable and reasonable for memcached than couchbase type.

You may want to look at the moxi memcached proxy - see

This allows you to use a legacy memcached client talking to a Couchbase bucket.

Thanks drigby, I will look at it.