Issues when storing using specific key


We’re experiencing issues with Couchbase in production. Simply put, it doesn’t seem to store data when using a specific key. Unfortunately, we don’t have much information on it, but the rather vague log entries we’re seeing are:

  • Selection key is not valid.
  • Handling IO for: (r=false,
    w=true, c=false, op={QA sa=ARTNTNBI.ez8/, #Rops=0,
    #Wops=1, #iq=0, topRop=null, topWop=Cmd: -108 Opaque: 13438686 Key: 10000003a323030313a343838383a3234353a323030383a3433323a3231303a303a31323b313434353837393639323b383b31363134323733393636303b32
    Exp: 10, toWrite=0, interested=4})
  • has 1, interested in 0

The key “10000003a323030313a343838383a3234353a323030383a3433323a3231303a303a31323b313434353837393639323b383b31363134323733393636303b32” continuously fails to be stored, but we unfortunately don’t have much more information at the time. Does it give you any hints of what could be causing the issue?


And you specifically only hit issues with this specific key?

What is its value?


We turned to your support service yesterday. It seems like its a side-effect from some other error and we’re working with them to solve it.


great, you are now in skilled hands :smile: