Issue in starting Apache CouchDB on Windows Server 2012 Standard Edition (x64)

Recently i tried installing Apache CouchDB on Windows Server 2012 Standard Edition (x64) system. Our observations:

Apache CouchDB service was not starting when started from Windows Service Control Manager. When we see the CouchDB logs, we see below logs, getting logged continuously. [Fri, 10 Apr 2015 19:11:34 GMT] [error] [<0.166.0>] Unable to load crypto library. Failed with error: “load_failed, Failed to load NIF library c:/CouchDB/lib/crypto-2.1/priv/lib/crypto: ‘Unspecified error’” OpenSSL might not be installed on this system.

When we start Apache CouchDB using couchdb.bat file present in /bin, it starts properly as a console application.

I understand that service is not able to start, probably because its failing to resolve the dependencies. Hence gave the /bin in the PATH enviroment variable and even after this it failed to start.

Finally to resolve i had to copy all the *.dll files under “/bin” to “/erts-5.9/bin” and then restarted and it worked fine.

Any idea, if this is a know issue and is there any way to overcome this in a better way. I’m using currently using Apache CouchDb (setup-couchdb-1.2.0_otp_R15B).

Also we would like to know if Apache CouchDb (setup-couchdb-1.2.0_otp_R15B) is supported on Windows 2012 R2 Standard Edition?

I could see a similar issue reported for Ubuntu, but nothing specifically for Windows.

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Note that Apache CouchDB has nothing to so with Couchbase - I suggest you take a look at or similar.

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Well since he posted here anyways I’ll chime in:

I suggest that since Windows support is something Couchbase (not CouchDB) does pretty well (I’ve tested Couchbase extensively on Windows), that this fellow should be evaluating Couchbase on Windows.

Also Couchbase is faster and has a lot of great features not found in CouchDB.

And since I don’t work for Couchbase, but am merely an advocate of Couchbase’s technology, and someone planning to use Couchbase on Windows in production, and who has evaluated CouchDB and feel it is not fast enough or scalable enough for my needs, I hope this is helpful.


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