'isNullOrMissing()' is deprecated: Use isNotValued() instead

I’m trying to update to Swift CBL 3.0.1 and I’m getting this warning. The problem is that isNotValued() doesn’t exist. Looking at the git repo I can see that it’s been added several days ago but isn’t in a released version.

'isNullOrMissing()' is deprecated: Use isNotValued() instead.

My questions are:

Should I use 3.0.1 and ignore the warnings and just wait until 3.0.2 is released? (when might that be?)?
Should I just use the tip of master?
Are there any workarounds for this?

The next release of my app will be in three or four weeks.

We are fixing this in 3.0.2 which could be released in a month or so. While waiting for that, please ignore the warning. Sorry for confusion.