Expression.isNullOrMissing documents that Expression.isValued is the replacement, when it should be Expression.isNotValued

Here is the documentation for the now deprecated Expression.isNullOrMissing:

 * Creates an IS NULL OR MISSING expression that evaluates whether or not the current
 * expression is null or missing.
 * @return An IS NULL expression.
 * @deprecated use Expression.isValued
public Expression isNullOrMissing() {
    return new UnaryExpression(this, UnaryExpression.OpType.Null)
        .or(new UnaryExpression(this, UnaryExpression.OpType.Missing));

Expression.isNotValued is the proper function to replace this. Most of the documentation can do some improvement instead of just paraphrasing the function name IMO.


I’ve pinged the docs team on this and appreciate your feedback.


Sigh… Can’t blame the docs team. My bad. Thanks for the catch @vincentjoshuaet


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