Is there supported way to publish all dev views in one time?

I poked around in web interface but didn’t find any, and just wondering if there is supported way to do so in command line?


Publishing a dev view is a very simple process which involves retrieving the development design document, renaming it, and creating a duplicate design document – but with a different name (specifically, removing the dev_ prefix from the design doc).

Such a task should be trivial to script. That being said, one of the reasons the ‘dev view’ concept exists in the first place is to provide what is essentially a low overhead sandbox to experiment with views before they are pushed to production, so the normal workflow is to create a development view, play with it, and modify the view (as you would during normal development iterations), and finally publish it.

@mnunberg I saw the actual JSON files of design docs only in .zip file dumped from existing db. Is there way to bulk publish without manually change “dev” prefix and then reload them back to db?