Couchbase 5.1 how to rename production view?

I have created development view for purposes of debuging it. Then I decided to publish it via Couchbase UI interface.
For some unknown reason the view was published with dev_ prefix in production.

How can I rename its name? I cannot find any option.

Recreating View from scratch is very costly operation for me. Creating the same View (map-reduce content is the same) seems like trigger server to reindex it, I thought that Couchbase looks for map-reduce signature and link it to exiting index.

What should I do?

@Nikolay_Nikolaev I did a quick search and found "This is something that can be done by grabbing the ddoc and add it again but with a different ID, and then delete the old one. And this doesn’t recreate the index too " this was discussed in a old bug (I did not try this) but see if this helps

Thanks for reply! Tried this, but seems like creating new ddoc with the same body (map-reduce) triggers to create new index for some reason.