Is there still a supported path for using let's encrypt certs?

I’m trying to setup a 7.2 server and I see this old blog post using let’s encrypt certs: Securing Couchbase Server using Let’s Encrypt x.509 Certificates - The Couchbase Blog

I followed the steps (but used the current cli commands for couchbase and certbot). However I can’t seem to get it to work for me. I keep getting “CA certificate for this chain is not found in the list of trusted CA’s” when trying to load the node certificates.

I’ve loaded the ISRG Root certs (both the one issued from 2015 and the one from 2021), the R3 root cert, and the IdenTrust Commercial Root CA cert. Kinda struggling to understand what could be going wrong. When I inspect the fullchain.pem cert chain, it looks like I should have everything I need.

Any ideas? Or is this just no longer supported?

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