Is there any support for Hash index

Does couchbase support hash index - To support hash based sharding, MongoDB provides a hashed index type, which indexes the hash of the value of a field.

you can simulate the effect of this by using the WHERE clause on the index and the MOD function.

Create index i1 ON (c1, c2) WHERE (mod(c1, 5) = 0);
create the other indices with values 1 thru 4.

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@keshav_m - thanks appreciate your quick response.

I guess I have broader question, we are in the process of evaluating couchbase, we currently have mongo and want to move away from them!. So do u have any kind of comparision b/w mongo and couchbase query capabilities - thanks in advance for your.

Hi @Swati, yes… we have material comparing the two.

Please send me a note: keshav -at-
I’ll follow-up.

Thank you.

Thanks @keshav_m. I have sent you an email, if you can please respond.

Again appreciate your help on this