Is there any Database Change Protocol (DCP) for GoLang or C#?

I need DCP for GoLang or C# SDK.
But it looks like there is only a Java version

Out of curiosity, what is your intended use case? We might have a better way to address it than direct DCP.

There are enough components to use DCP without a full client with error handling in gocbcore with a little bit in gocb. This is effectively an internal interface used by some Couchbase components. Since it’s all Open Source, you can certainly build on it directly, but you’d be on your own if the interface changes too.

The reasoning for this is that DCP is a pretty low level interface. There are certain behaviors your app will have to handle correctly to keep up the contract. Where possible, we level that up to a different interface, like the Kafka connector, Spark streaming, etc.

We are currently developing go client under the Trendyol/go-dcp-client.