Is there a way to compact views in couchdb lite for Android

The data for my application continues to increase and I’m aware of the need to occasionally compact but I don’t know how to do that via the couchbase lite. I noticed that there is a compact method on CouchDbConnector but that doesn’t seem to have a positive effect.

Which version of Couchbase Lite Android are you using?

From the sound of it, you are currently using Ektorp. In the beta2 version, there is a Native Java API available and it’s no longer necessary to use Ektorp. If possible, please switch over to that.

In the native API there is a method database.compact() that should do what you need.

Otherwise, let me know what version you are using and I can try to look into it.

I’m using the beta that uses ektorp. Unfortunately I took advantage of defining views in annotations and repositories and a few other ektorp specfic stuff so I’m going to miss that if I have to upgrade to beta2 :(. I did try the ektorp compaction methods but those gave errors

Beta2 does still work with ektorp, see

If you could upgrade to beta2, it would make it easier to give you support.

Also I know that in beta2 the compact REST api call underwent functional testing, so I’m confidant that it works. In beta1 I’m not so sure.