Is there a Slack channel for Couchbase? (and other q's)

Hi all, is there a Couchbase Slack channel? Thanks!

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Follow up questions -

• Is there a dbaas for couchbase? Like couchdb has cloudant…?
• Is there any better node api documentation anywhere - I found the one linked to on the site pretty difficult to understand? For instance there doesn’t seem to be any examples?
• Is there any guidance for migrating from Cloudant anywhere?
• What is the expected release date of 5.0 community edition?

As an aside, Cloudant has been migrated to Bluemix and they’ve altered their pricing model which has surely had a negative effect for a number of the customers (besides myself). This has lead me to Couchbase which has matured somewhat since I decided on Cloudant 3 years ago. I thought it might be a good idea to produce some kind of comparison/guide on the differences and help for others looking to move.

There are two IRC channels on freenode: #couchbase and #libcouchbase. Also there is a gitter channel:

+1 for slack channel :slight_smile:


Slack > gitter
Slack > Discourse

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FYI, Couchbase is on Discord! Couchbase On Discord - Join Us! - The Couchbase Blog

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