Is there a CLI or client lib way to force indexer to run on a bucket

I would like to run the indexer on demand to refresh all views in a bucket. Is there a CLI or client lib way of accomplishing this.


If you do a query with stale=false and ignore the results, it’ll complete the index.

Also, note that if the view is “published”, it’ll automatically be updated on a regular basis.

Calling a specific view indexes only that design document, not all the documents in that bucket; so I would have to call a view in all design documents. I was trying to avoid that. I also understand that the indexer runs periodically based on time and documents updated / inserted. This is not what I want. I was wondering if there is a shortcut to run the indexer for a given bucket or the whole node / cluster and force a refresh. It doesn’t seem to be that I can find in documentation.